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Sawmill Products

D&L offers a complete range of wood processing equipment, from our sawmills to commercial and custom shop solutions.

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The horizontal saw or edging sawmill works like a built in edger. This saw is edging your lumber while the head saw is making its vertical cut through the log. This advantage means no log turning, higher yield, and less handling. The splitter system that has been designed to follow both saws keeps the boards separated from each of the saws.


The D&L 12” Commercial 180° SwingBlade with a 46 hp Kubota diesel. This sawmill model houses hydraulic feed works, set works and a hydraulic swing all controlled from the operator station. We combined the 2 technologies using the robust frame and lift system of the twin saw model with the original D&L 180° SwingBlade. This is a heavy duty mill that is ready for a serious commercial entity.

180° Eco Mill Series

Featuring a proprietary 180° SwingBlade, the 180EM is capable of processing entire logs into S4S lumber and value added products- without moving or turning the log. Designed for safe operation, one-man portability, easy maintenance and repair, the D&L 180EM portable sawmill provides greater capabilities with a lower cost of operation over traditional mills.

Log In-Feed Deck

The D&L live hydraulic log in-feed with stop and go loader arms will increase productivity up to thirty percent. The modular design makes it easy to transport from site to site. The hydraulic chain in-feed is powered directly from the mills hydraulics, eliminating the need for a extra power pack.


The D&L Resaws/Bandsaws are our economically priced sawmills that come in two different models, The standard cut length is 2.3 meters. Simplified versatility , one man production economically priced for the backyard or weekend sawyer.

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