D&L 1020SB SuperPro Portable Sawmill
  • 6” up to 60″ Log Diameter

  • Unlimited Log Length

  • No Log Turning

  • Electric start

  • Modular, extendable rail system

  • Diamond sharpener and jig included

  • 180° Swing

  • Comes with carriage transporter

  • Built In Edger

  • Radial Multi Ketch & Bevel Siding Attachments Available

This top quality portable sawmill is capable of processing entire logs into S4S lumber without moving or turning the log and provides greater capabilities with a lower cost over traditional mills. The D&L 180SB Series is available in 3 models and 3 sizes with a variety of options to suit any need.

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We have cut about 75 thousand board feet with the D&L Swing Saw, so can give an account of its performance. (We are) able to process about 60 logs in an eight hour shift yielding 2-3 thousand board feet per day. Our waste was much less than a bandsaw would have produced and production was considerably faster. Bring ’em on!
Perry Harding – Vancouver Island

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Multiple Attachment Options

Slabber Bar

Slabbing Bar

Lock Dogs Attachment

Log Dogs

Planer Blade

Planer Blade

Rail Attachment


Sander Attachment

Orbital Sander

Saw Blade

Insertable Tooth Blade

Drill Attachment
Router Attachment

Drill/Router Combo

Sharpener Attachment


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