Thank you for your interest in D & L Timber Technologies Ltd. With over 70 years experience in the sawmill business, each of our handcrafted mills has been thoroughly researched and tested. D & L Timber Technologies Ltd has a proven track record of producing durable sawmills leading the industry in simplicity of operation, reliability and low maintenance. Every mill manufactured by D & L Timber Technologies Ltd is manufactured with quality #1 steel construction throughout. Every mill is thoroughly tested before leaving our facilities.

All of our customers are given useful free training and instruction in maintaining and operating our sawmills.

D & L Timber Technologies Ltd operates across Canada and parts of the USA in all species of wood. Our thin Kerf carbide tipped circular saws are proving to be the industry leader in cutting accuracy, speed with a minimum amount of blade sharpening and maintenance.

D & L Timber Technologies Ltd offers sawmills for all cutting applications and production needs. With a diversity of log handling from 6″ to 4′ we are sure to have the portable sawmill to meet your needs!

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