The D&L Timbertech team is the best of anybody (company) I have ever dealt with. They are very knowledgeable of their products and are always glad to help. They are way above their competitors in the quality of their products as well as the limitations of their competitors. I'm glad to say I'm a proud owner of a SB1020 Swingblade sawmill from D&L Timbertech. Thank you for your wisdom and support.

Michael Rice

Jordy McAuley writes:

I’ve owned my swing blade mill for 8 years. It has the 35 HP engine and will cut a 20X10 38 feet long. I have built 3 buildings with it since I owned it as well as a 12×72 foot dock. The first building we built was a 16X20 tool shed with 8 foot walls. Next we tackled a 20X24 foot generator shed with 9 foot walls and a loft in the back half. Next we built a 28X42 foot house with 16 foot walls. It has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a master bedroom and bathroom downstairs, a huge kitchen that is open to the great room. The great room is open to the log perlons. It also has a 6 foot deck in the front and a 6 foot deck along one side.

If you are in a spot where you have access to logs, and would like to build, the D and L Doublecut sawmill is an irreplaceable tool. It saws extremely accurate lumber. It is easy to set up and maintain. All I’ve done to mine besides replace teeth every couple years is change the oil and grease it. With a half day’s instruction you can train an operator with the basic knowledge to use the saw.

My location is very isolated and not only is the cost to transport building material prohibitive the cost to buy it is as well. There is no way I would have been able to afford to build the improvements I have without the sawmill. The sawmill has paid for itself at least 10 times over. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.

David writes:

We have cut about 75 thousand board feet with the D&L Swing Saw, so can give an account of its performance. (We are) able to process about 60 logs in an eight hour shift yielding about a thousand board feet per day. Our waste was much less than a bandsaw would have produced and production was considerably faster. Bring ’em on!

George Grant writes:

Just a note and some pictures to let you know how much I like my D&L swingblade mill that I got from you in Nov 07.

I love the fact that when I use it, all I do is cut lumber, no fussing around with blade tension, no having to move the log around once it’s on the mill, not having to resaw, and I especially like it when I can sharpen the blade myself in less than 10 minutes. It seems I only need to sharpen after a day of cutting dirty wood. When I was cutting at the camp I discovered (with my saw blade) that most of the trees around camp had grown over spikes in them. I quit milling the bottom 6′ until I got myself a good metal detector! I did manage to knock off a carbide, but it only cost me about $32 to replace at a saw shop. As you can see by the photos I designed and built a log carrier/loader for the mill when at camp, really works great.

Thank you for a rugged, well built and easy to use mill, it totally meets my requirements. Love making sawdust!

Perry Harding writes:

“Hello Lindsay,

You had inquired how I was making out with the D & L SB 1020 sawmill you recommended and sold to me. Well, I couldn’t be happier with it as I explain below….

With a house project that required a hundred fir timbers ranging in size from 4×6 to 8×12, and ample fir logs that came off the property, it seemed that I needed to buy a sawmill. The needed timbers ranged in length from 16 to 26 feet so the logistics of handling and re-handling was daunting. I had considered buying a band saw until I’d been introduced to the innovative design of the swing blade. Well, I’m sure glad I didn’t buy a band saw! Here’s why….

The sawmill runs on tracks outside of and independent of the log bunks. This means that I can load large logs 30″ x 27′ with my excavator without fear of damaging the mill; a huge saving in manual labour.

Once the log is loaded I can cut my timbers to finished product without ever having to roll the log or to re-handle the timbers for edging, again saving a lot of labour.

I’d fully expected to power plane the beams to correct irregularities and smooth the rough finish. However the mill was so accurate and the finish was so smooth and consistent that the planing was just not necessary. I’ve enclosed a close-up photo.

Lastly, and perhaps the greatest time and money saver of all. Sharpening. I can cut two or three large fir logs, yielding about 20 timbers and lots of dimension lumber without sharpening. When the saw starts to get dull, naturally it cuts slower and takes more effort to push it through the wood, but it still cuts strait, no blade wandering or drifting like a band saw! Sharpening with the supplied jig takes me about 25 minutes as the blade does not need to be removed from the saw. After about 30 sharpenings a new set of teeth costs $30 and takes half an hour to install. That’s it! Compared to the time and cost of sharpening and replacing band saw blades….., well there just is no comparison.

All things considered, why does anyone buy a band saw? Thanks again D & L, for manufacturing this unique and versatile portable saw. The Swing Blade 1020 has already saved me a bundle of money, time, and labour. And I have not even started to cut my bevel cedar siding yet!

Edward Showalter writes:

“I purchased a 6 x 8 Syncro-Saw with the 25 hp Kohler engine and a 4’ track extension to use on my farm to produce lumber for my own use. After owning it for about 18 months and operating it for about 85 hours, I can tell anyone that it is an extremely reliable mill that is low maintanenece and easy to operate. With the 2 blades running perpendicular the log does not have to be turned. Thus far I have only turned one log which was a large pine that had many knots and was difficult to dog, otherwise, once a log is dogged on the mill I start sawing at the top of the log and finish at the bottom slab. I am able to cut any dimension easily and there is no need for an edger nor a debarker. I have cut 6 x 6 x 16 Virginia red cedar to use for barn poles with no problem. All of the lumber is uniform in width and thickness. On some days I have operated the mill entirely by myself, using a tractor to place the log on the mill and never use a cant hook.

In summation the Doublecut sawmill is an excellent product, and is the only mill I would consider owning and operating. Many thanks, Ed”

Bill Maltman writes:

Mr. Maltman, from Lumby, BC, is the owner of the first TS 60 DTH 8×12 Sawmill ever built by D&L Double Cut. We had a chance to take some pictures of this Sawmill in action as he put the TS 60 DTH through the paces with this 50″ log.

The log is in place and being setup to begin cutting.

Baldur Bjornson writes:

Mr. Bjornson, of Duncan BC, owns one of our D&L TS 40D double cut sawmills. He sent us some pictures which tell his story:

George & Gail Cullen writes:

“Lindsay – Just to let you know how pleased we are with the lumber you cut for us. Your mill was able to supply the exact dimensions that we required, and the finish was good enough that it did not require planning. We are really happy with the quality of wood, and the way it was cut. Thank you so much.”

Dave Nash writes:

“Thank you for selling me the D&L Twin Saw 48D. What a machine! I purchased my mill Feb.2/02, as a complete circular saw greenhorn. I have as of Aug.15th cut just over 300,000 board feet! I am milling Hemlock, for railroad ties. Have cut bridge decking and timbers – 3×10 and 12×12 to 20’6” long – they are within 1/32 inch end to end.

I supplied a local building contactor with 2’x6”x12’ and 2”x10”x16’. He phoned me after he finished building, to let me know “Your lumber is excellent, just like planed wood”. I have had a couple of small problems but Don and Lindsay solved them, and had parts to me by the next morning. I looked long and hard at a lot of mills before choosing D&L Double Cut, including the band mills, single head and double head competitors, and this mill is the best bargain on the market today.”

Mike Nichols writes:

“I bought a T.S 30D to use on the ranch here in north Idaho.I had no previous milling experience, yet was sawing lumber like a pro with a couple hours practice. This mill is simple, reliable, and produces alot of quality lumber per hour. Thanks for a really great product, D&L.”

Richard Gobeil writes:

“I needed a sawmill that I could operate myself and still get a good daily production. Well my t.s 30 d has surpassed all that. After sawing everything from 1×3 8 feet long to 6×10 20 feet long, I can say with confidence this mill is made to saw.

I especially appreciate its low maintenance. I once cut 10 000 board feet of tamarack 2×6 16 feet long for a local farmer and had to sharpen my blades only once. With this kind of performance, it truly increases my production and profits.”

Noland Mullen writes:

“I am sending you this testimonial as i have always been interested in portable sawmills.I have never found one that satisfied me until I saw the D&L DOUBLECUT SAWMILLS T.S 30D. This mill has everything i need.It is easy to use , has a high daily production, low maintenance and produces excellent quality lumber. I would strongly recommend this mill to anyone who would rather saw quality lumber than sharpen or repair blades.”

Richard and Thyra Arundel own one of D & L’s circular double-cut 18-16 with the edger attachment:

“The D & L mill has been a great addition to our farm. The simplicity of the mill with the edger attachment makes for ease of operation, cutting accuracy and the ability for one man operation. The light yet very strong frame allows my wife and i to move the mill when ever we need to. We have cut up to 18″ logs with no problems. The purchase of the D & L portable sawmill has been a real asset to our farm and business”

– Richard & Thyra Arundel,100 Mile House BC

RichaGordon Odion owns a D&L Twin Saw 30D 6X12 Kubota Diesel model portable sawmill:

“Having run a bandsaw I now know that the D&L twinsaw design is easier to run with less blade maintenance. The production is by far better. The accuracy of the cut is bang on. The smooth texture is pretty much the same as the bandsaw, only there is no wavy cuts. The difference in kerf i haven’t found to be that noticeable as with D&L twin saws cutting system and the ability to cut to the round of the log there is no heavy slab wastage. As the boards all come off the mill edged, there is no slab handling for reedging or log turning which makes for less handling and more production. The ease of setting up the mill as well as the portability is quite nice. The simplicity of the mill makes easy for any one to work on. I can sharpen the blades right on the mill which cuts time dramatically. It works well”

– Gordon Odion,100 Mile House BC

George Brough owns one of D&L’s T.S. 30D 6×12 Kubota Diesel portable sawmill models:

“I cut an average of 3000 to 4000 board feed a day in 2×6 and 2×8 in small logs. We did a job for a local farmer which called for all 1×4. We produced 2000 board feed in just over 8 hours using small logs. The mill has run and produced well for us.”

– George Brough,Boyle AB

George Matlock has owned his Circular Double Cut 18-16 small portable sawmill for 2 years:

“With the ease of operation, low blade maintenance and simplicity, I have paid for 1/2 of my mill in the 1st year of sawing in only my spare time. We saw 3×10 and smaller dimensions for the oil field and local market. Our mill has performed well for us”

– George Matlock,Crooked Creek AB

Garry Thiessen is from Meadow Creek and has owned his TS 30 for 1 year:

On Feburary 2003, I purchased a t.s 30 d 6×12 portable mill from D&L Double Cut Sawmills. I have a contract to cut all of Meadow Creek Ceader’s over-size fur logs. Meadow Creek Ceader is a 100% Japenese owned mill which produces products for overseas. Up to this date as of April 2004, I have cut approximately 550,000 board feet. My 18 year old son Harley runs the mill, he cuts an average of 3,000 board feet per day. We cut mostly 4 1/4 x 8 x 14 foot cants. Our average logs size s approximately 30 inches on the butt, but my mill will cut up to a 44 inch butt. I am very pleased with my t.s 30 d mill, I have had a few problems but Lindsey and Don are very informative and helpful with any of my problems that occur. The mill was well priced and is of great quality. With the accuracy and the product it puts out, you can’t go wrong. I am enclosing a few pictures of my product and my mill.

– Garry Thiessen,Meadow Creek BC

Des Kennedy, Re: Island Milling and Woodproducts October 2004

Island Milling and Woodproducts has had a TS30DTH since December 2003

I recently had a couple of thousand board feet of western red cedar from my property milled on-site by Island Milling and Woodproducts and was entirely satisfied by this local company’s performance. The terms and conditions of the project were plainly spelled out and adhered to. The work was undertaken in a timely and efficient manner. The quality of lumber produced was excellent. Utilization of the logs to minimize wastage was exceptional. Island Milling was thoughtful, courteous and considerate throughout the project.

Without hesitation I can recommend Island Milling and Woodproducts to anyone in need of the various services this company provides.

– Des Kennedy,Denman Island BC

Del Goss has owned his TS30 for about a year:

Hi Lindsay. I thought a quick update on the mill might be in order. Have cut about 68,000 so far and am well pleased with the mill, fact is I just like it better each day that I cut with it. The biggest log that I have cut to date was a 44″ pine which yielded 70 2×4’s and some 1X4’s, what was nice is I just put it on the mill dogged it down and turned it into boards. Thank You, for a very good piece of equipment.

– Del Goss,Libby, Montana