D&L’s ATV Skid Master

Contact factory direct for pricing: D&L Timber Technologies Ltd, 1-877-420-5998

This small logging arch was designed for small scale logging with ATV’s.We have tested the skid master with 20″ diameter and up to 20" long.

With the sliding reach to get the log moving, the skid master had no problem skidding the logs. The moving reach has been installed with rubber shock absorbers to take the load when using this option. The skid master comes with 12" 6 ply tires and flotation tires are also available as a option. We also build these in larger scale models.

To compliment the ATV Skid Master, we also build a logging trailer with loading arm and tongues with a standard 1200lbs hand winch. The winching system is available in 12volt electric as an option.