D&L Twin Saw – 36DTH

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The horizontal saw or edging saw works like a built in edger. This saw is edging your lumber while the head saw is making its vertical cut through the log. This advantage means no log turning, higher yield, and less handling. The splitter system that has been designed to follow both saws keeps the boards separated from each of the saws.


The head saw starts into the log first and then as the edger saw trails edging the board the log tension is released after the head saw not onto the head saw. This allows no clamping onto the head saw. The results are higher yields and less waste and less saw maintenance.

Inserted Saws

Allows operator to change the teeth in the field. There is a total of 10 teeth on the 30 inch head saw and 8″ edger saw costing a maximum of $2 per day for replacement saw teeth. Less teeth on the smaller models. You never will have to replace the actual blade.

Board Return

With the board return built right into the carriage, the lumber returns out the back of mill direct to the lumber pile as the carriage is returning back to the operator. The operator has only to handle the last few feet of the fully edged board.


TS 36
Diesel Turbo
Depth of cut Head Saw 12"
Power Unit 55 HP
Log Length 20' 6"
Log Diameter 36"
Depth of cut Edger Saw 8"
Trailer Yes
Hydraulic Package optional
Feed Works hydraulic
Board Return Yes
Track Extension optional
Under Deck Log Turner & Centering Chain Optional
Auto Alignment Log Turner N/A
Side Shift Posts optional
Stationary Jacks Yes
Diamond Sharpener & Jig Yes
Inserted Blades (1 blade per mill) Yes
Carbide Blades (2 Blades per mill) N/A