D&L Small Log Scragg - Portable Sawmills

Download D&L Small Log Scragg Brochure (PDF)

The D&L SMALL LOG SCRAGG was designed to be portable to take the sawmill to the wood. It is easy to set up and is manufactured with off the shelf parts. Our mill runs with 3 people and a small loader skid steer will work with this mill lower the initial capital costs.

  • This unit is on its own trailer, has its own slab conveyor and hydraulic shifting saws.
  • Mill sets up in approx. 1 hour
  • Take this unit right to the bush.
  • The out feed will sort the 2 side logs from 4 sided cants.
  • Auto alignment v – trough [for the logs entering into the saw]
  • In feed and out feed hold down press rolls
  • Right or left delivery of the cants on the out feed


Designed for small logs and short lengths in mind.

Inserted Saws

  • Inserted saws have 18 teeth
  • 36" saws for a 15″ max cut
  • Saws adjust infinitely from 4" to 10" hydraulically
  • Sawdust and slab conveyor under the saws
  • Diamond sharpening system
  • Saws sharpen in place in approx. 15 minutes


For max portability we use 2 - 36 hp gas engines one for each saw blade. For more permanent locations we offer a optional 3 phase electric motors of 30 & 40 hp. Unit is on its own trailer, which has a tandem axel, 7000 lbs axels, electric breaks.


  • 100h.p diesel John Deere, POR – with built in fuel tank and skid mounted, belt adjustment tensioner system, canopy drives PTO


  Small Log Scragg
  2 - 37 hp gas kohler engines CH1000 Dual fuel tanks
Dimensions 35ft long x 90ft wide
Ball 2 5/16
Weight 6500 pounds
Trailer Yes
Log Diameter 14"
Log Length 12'6"
Bit wrench Yes
Variable feed chain Yes
Hydraulics Dual hydraulic pumps; 8 fully hydraulic functions
Live in feed 2–strand
Optional extra strand POR Optional
Optional outfeed 2-strand POR Optional