D&L 12" Commercial Swing Blade

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D&L Timber Technologies Ltd has introduced a new swing blade model. We have been asked consistently for a commercial diesel model housing our 180 degree swing blade technologie. We are happy to announce the D&L 12” commercial 180 degree swing blade with a 46 hp Kubota diesel. This mill model houses hydraulic feed works, set works and a hydraulic swing which is controlled all from the operator station. We combined the 2 technologies using our robust frame and lift system of the twin saw model with the original D&L 180 degree swing blade. This is a heavy duty mill that is ready for a serious commercial entity.


  12" Commercial Swing Blade
Log Diameter Cuts a 48” diameter log. Cuts a 60” diameter log (optional with the 10ft wide carriage)
Log Length Cut length 21ft
Track 12' track sections. Modular track design that bolts right into the trailer
Bunk Systems 3 Bolt in bunk systems with manual dogging
Feed Works Hydraulic feed works
Hydraulic Set Hydraulic set works for both the Vertical and the horizontal setting
Cants 12 x 24 cants
Swing 12 inch swing
Swing Degrees 180 degree swing
Hydraulic Swing Hydraulic swing on the saw
Trailer Single axel trailer 15” RUBBER. Trailer is removable from mill frame leaving mill frame on ground level
Construction All steel construction
Weight 4500 pounds
Carriage Width Standard 8ft. Optional carriage width 10ft
Knives Double riving knives
Saw Diameter 32" saw diameter, 14 teeth, 17/64" kerf inserted saw
Comes With Comes with bit wrench, diamond sharpener and jig
Assembly Sets up in under 1.5 hours
Power Units 46 hp diesel Kubota
Shoots Sawdust shoots
Parts Off the shelf parts