D&L 12" Commercial All Hydraulic Swing Blade

Contact factory direct for pricing: D&L Timber Technologies Ltd, 1-877-420-5998

This is our D&L 12" commercial All Hydraulic 180 degree Swing blade with 46 hp kubota diesel. This model is now one up from our first 12" swing with the single axel trailer and manual dogs that sets up at ground level and is on our web site now.


  12" Swing Blade
Log Diameter 48"
Cut Length 21ft
Track Optional, Sold in 5 ft of log
Frame Solid, Heavy Duty
Dogging System All Hydraulic 5-dog system
Squaring Posts Heavy duty
Feed Works Operator controlled Hydraulic feed works
Log Turners Double under deck log turners
Shift Posts 2-side shift posts for clamping and moving the log on the deck
Hydraulic Set Works for both the Vertical and the horizontal setting
Set works Auto depth gauge for vertical and horizontal set works
Mill Dimensions 35ft long x 101” wide
Cants 12 x 24 cants
Hydraulic Swing Operator controlled, 180 degree, Hydraulic swing on the saw
Construction All steel
Weight 8500 pounds
Carriage width Standard 8ft
Saw Kerf Inserted Saw 17/64”
Saw Diameter 32"
Teeth 14
Comes with Bit Wrench, Diamond Sharpener, Jig
Sets Up Time Under 1.5 hours
Diesel Kubota 46 HP
Sawdust Shoots Yes
Parts Off the shelf parts